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The Peking Noodle Company History

Who are we?

When Tong Ying Woo arrived in Los Angeles in 1918, his entreprenurial spirit inspired him to go into business.

Having knowledge of foods and particulary noodles, Mr. Tong started the Peking Noodle Company in 1924. Well known in the community, Mr. Tong's desire was more than provide for his family; his ambition was to give immigrants like himself a taste of their homeland. Noodles, dumplings, along with rice are the staples of the Asian diet. As those who journeyed here some 7000 miles away, enoying food, stories of their new home, and even networking to discover opportunities for new careers were shared in newly created Chinatown.

My! How the business has grown! Today, Peking Noodle Company continues the tradition of noodle making. The highly labor intensive process has been replaced with state-of-the art machinery. Highly automated are the machines that now make a variety of fresh, dry, and cooked noodles. Egg roll, won ton and potsticker/gyoza skins are made with the same artisan care. Fortune cookies, an American invention, were originally made by hand. Each cookie is individually folded after inserting the "fortuitous" message. We believe we make the best tasking cookies here in our ovens.

The tradition continues. Now in the third generation, the bussiness is still owned and managed by the family. Altough change has come about, the traditional values endure.

As the journey continues, Peking Noodle Company is proud to service you from your egg roll appetizer to your yummy fortune cookie. Happy eating!